City Clerk / Treasurer

City Clerk's Office Services

The City Clerk's Office provides a variety of services to Vassar citizens. The City Clerk attends all meetings of the City Council and keeps a permanent record of all council meetings and proceedings, City ordinances, resolutions, and actions of the council.

The office also maintains all documents and records pertaining to the City of Vassar. If someone from the public is looking for a public City record, the Clerk's Office would be the place to start.

The office oversees all voting activities that take place within the City of Vassar, and the City's communications function.


The city's Treasurer's Office services the public and City of Vassar by providing assistance in processing funds.
  1. Adopted Budget

    View current and past adopted budgets for Vassar, MI.

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  1. City Clerk Resources

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  2. City Treasurer Resources

    View financial reports and principal residence guideline and exemptions.