Water Flushing Program

Water Flushing Schedule for 2017 - April 16th through April 21st

The City of Vassar's water main flushing happens once during the spring and again in the fall. Fire hydrants throughout the City will be systematically opened to clean and refresh the drinking water distribution system.   

Water main flushing sometimes results in discolored water. While not harmful, tap water may appear orange in color for five to 15 minutes. Residents should avoid doing laundry while their water is discolored. 

The City’s flushing program helps ensure a high level of water quality by preventing corrosion and maintaining a proper disinfection residual. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City Hall at 989-823-8517 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Why Water Main Flushing is Important

Although the water within the City's distribution system is of very high quality, the aesthetic quality can deteriorate over time if the mains are not properly managed. The flushing process removes sediment and mineral deposits which naturally begin to build up in the mains over time. The removal is accomplished by “scouring” the mains by running water through them at high velocity and discharging it through fire hydrants.  

What Residents Should Know

As a result of the water main flushing, residents may experience a reduction in water pressure when the crew is flushing the main immediately adjacent to their home or business. The pressure will return to normal once the flushing in the immediate area is completed.  

While the vast majority of mineral deposits are discharged through the fire hydrants during the flushing process, small amounts can remain within the system once the work is completed. As a result, residents within the project area or adjacent to the project area, may also experience cloudy or rusty-colored water when they first turn on their faucet. Although the discolored water is safe and does not pose a health concern, residents are strongly encouraged to check their water prior to doing laundry or other projects in which discolored water could be a problem. Residents who experience discolored water are advised to run cold water through a non-aerated faucet, such as a bathtub or exterior water spigot, for five to 10 minutes until the water becomes clear.  Residents are also advised to avoid using hot water before checking the cold water to prevent discolored water from entering their hot water heater.