Obtaining a Driveway/Culvert Permit

Driveway/Culvert Permits can be printed HERE. You can also pick up a permit at City Hall.

  Vassar City Hall

                                    287 East Huron Ave

                                                            Vassar  48768
                                                        (989) 823-8517
                                                           Mon. - Fri.: 8 AM - 4:30 PM


Permits that require approval by the City must be returned to City Hall, along with a fee of $35.00. (Fines may be incurred if you do not obtain permit(s) prior to starting your project.) 

To obtain a 
BUILDING Permit, an approved Zoning Permit must be presented to the Tuscola County Building Code Administrator - SAFEbuilt, PO BOX 190, Athens, MI 49011. Call 1-269-729-9244 prior to your visit to determine whether or not a Building Permit will be required for your project. 

                 Before you dig, call MISS DIG for utility stake out at 1-800-482-7171.