Building Permits

The City of Vassar authorizes Building Permits through SAFEbuilt .

Prior to any permits being issued, SAFEbuilt needs to receive the following items:

ZONING APPROVAL, this can be obtained from the zoning official from the City of Vassar at 989-823-8517 or by clicking HERE.

SITE PLAN, showing property lines, proposed project, existing buildings, ground elevations and the 100-year flood elevation, (if it applies).

PLANS & SPECS, two (2) sets of plans must be submitted with application for plan review process. One (1) set will be returned to you along with your printed plan review. Prints must show the following: proposed footings, wall section, roof construction and floor plan. All print for commercial and industrial must be signed by a State of Michigan registered architect/engineer.

 PROPERTY ADDRESS, may be obtained from your serving utility company, Detroit Edison (DTE) at 989-872-6107 or Thumb Electric Cooperative at 800-327-0166.

 PROPERTY CODE OR TAX I.D. NUMBER. This can be obtained from your tax bill, Vassar City Hall or Equalization office at 989-672-3830.

DRIVEWAY/CULVERT PERMIT, this can be obtained from the City of Vassar at 989-823-8517 or by clicking HERE.

SOIL EROSION PERMIT, if applicable. A permit is required for all earth change activities which disturb one (1) or more acres of land, OR if the earth change is within 500 feet of a lake, stream, swamp, marsh, pond, county drain or any standing water. Applications can be obtained at this office. Permits are issued for all of Tuscola County.

DEPARTMENT OF ENVIROMENTAL QUALITY issues floodplain permits. If the project is located in part or whole within the 100-year regulatory floodplain of a river, creek, drain or a body of water, a DEQ permit is required. Contact Joy Brooks at 989-894-6226.

GOEMAERE-ANDERSON WETLAND PROTECTION ACT, if your project is located in or near wetlands contact the DEQ. They will determine whether or not a parcel of land is under the jurisdiction of this Wetland Protection Act, contact Theresa at 989-894-6223, in office Mondays 8am to 5pm & Thursdays 8am to 12pm (Noon).

MISS DIG, must be contacted when any digging is done, for the marking of all underground lines on proposed site, 800-482-7171.