Facade Improvement Grant

The Facade Improvement Program encourages commercial building owners to invest in facade renovations and storefront improvements. The program provides matching grants to cover a portion of renovation costs.

Grants cover up to 50% of renovation costs, to a maximum of $5,000 per building facade.

Benefits of the program include increased business exposure, more attractive streets, more inviting places to walk and shop, better first impressions for businesses, enhanced property values, and improved marketability of the local business area.

Program Goals

This program is intended to:

• Make city streets more inviting and create more interesting places to walk and shop

• Help building owners attract and retain tenants

• Build civic pride among the local business community

• Contribute to the quality of life of residents, workers and visitors

• Improve the marketability of the local business area

• Help businesses make a better first impression, showcase merchandise and services, and attract new customer